Reliable and Steady Supply of Pallets


Premier Pallets provides new, recycled, and remanufactured pallets throughout the continental U.S.  Our goal is to supply our customers with quality pallets delivered on-time.  Does your local recycler run out of pallets at certain times of the year?  Premier’s numerous recycling yards ensure a reliable and steady supply of pallets, meaning our customers don’t have to worry about sourcing pallets when the pallet market gets tight.

Hardwood lumber is in great demand and the pallet industry competes with the railroad crosstie and energy industries for new lumber.  Our delivery record is 100% when it comes to furnishing our new hardwood customers with pallets.  At Premier we understand a missed pallet delivery can mean plant or factory downtime and accordingly we secure robust supplies of hardwood so that missed deliveries are dodged no matter how strong the demand for new lumber is.

We also have the capability to supply heat treated pallets, both new, recycled, and remanufactured, that meet export requirements under the ISPM-15 mandate.

Dropped trailers, van or flatbed deliveries, custom pallet engineering using the Pallet Design System are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Premier Pallets.  Contact us to reduce your pallet headaches today.

Our Story

Premier Pallets, Inc. was founded in 1993 and services the entire U.S. The two principals of Premier Pallets, Michele and Scott Shaw, have combined over 55 years of experience in the pallet industry in both sales and production capacities. Both Michele and Scott have spent virtually all of their professional careers in the pallet and lumber industry. Their understanding of the composition and therefore the end user’s needs in pallets have allowed Premier Pallets to change with the times and address specific requirements and needs as requested. Principal offices are in Atlanta and Tampa while servicing Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando.

Current customers include freight carriers, citrus processors and packing houses, warehousing operations, food service and manufacturers, agricultural concerns as well as a variety of industrial manufacturers. Our customer base is spread uniformly throughout the US with the Southeastern corridor led by Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, which are particularly high demand areas. We service all areas of Florida, Georgia, the Southeast as well as the continental U.S. With Tampa and Atlanta is located in the heart of the Southeastern hub of the United States, it stands to reason that Premier Pallets has its principal offices there. In the logistics business, geography is important. Premier features Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando areas covering the major cities in Florida.

We provide recycled, new, and re-manufactured pallets to our customers from facilities throughout the United States. For new pallet customers, we can provide hardwood, kiln-dried southern yellow pine, green pine, or a combination of hardwood and pine. We also provide certified, heat-treated pallets that meet international wood packaging export requirements. In addition to export pallets, we also provide expendable pallets for one-way trips. Our core relationships in the industry allow us to enjoy advantageous price points that can be shared with our customer base.

Our Pallet Professional Team


Scott Shaw – President

Scott has worked in the pallet industry since 1986, both in sales and manufacturing capacities. As President of Premier Pallets, Scott’s primary role is to ensure Premier Pallets’ customers are satisfied with the company’s products and service. Along with Michele Shaw, Scott co-founded Premier Pallets in 1993.


Jai Gross – Operations Coordinator

Jai joined the team in 2018. She handles all trucking and logistics as well as inventory maintenance. Jai also assists in other day to day operations of Premier Pallets, has extensive experience as an operations manager and has worked in the logistics industry since 2010.


Tim Arnold – Business Development

Tim is one of Premier Pallets’ Sales professionals and handles a large portfolio of customers. Tim has been involved in sales since 1993 upon his graduation from the University of South Florida and joined the Premier Pallets team in 2001. Tim’s family has been involved with the pallet industry since 1980.

Macy Hooks – Controller

Macy joined the Premier Pallets team in 2022 and has ten years of experience in external audit, accounting and financial management. She has a master’s degree in Accounting from Stetson University.

Kevin Mongelli – Business Development

Kevin joined the Premier team in 2009 and has been in B2B sales for over 25 years. Kevin handles sales and customer service for all of our Florida clients.