Athens Pallet Supplier


We service Athens, as well as across nationwide! Call us directly at (404) 445-0702 for Athens pallets.

For over 20 years we have been providing new, recycled and re-manufactured pallets to farmers, packing houses, warehousing operations, third-party logistics organizations and a variety of manufacturers. Our services include:

  • Pallet Sales
  • Pallet Repair Services
  • Pallet Management/Logistics Services
  • Pallet Banking/Exchange Services


New Pallets

  • The new pallets we offer are made from either hardwood that includes mixed species of wood such as oak, ash, maple, and others or southern yellow pine. We can also provide new pallets built from a combination of hardwood and pine.
  • New pallets can be designed based on your needs using our Pallet Design System software (PDS).
  • New, remanufactured and used Pallets can be certified to meet ISPM-15/IPPC Requirements via heat treatment.


Recycled & Remanufactured Pallets

  • Our Recycled pallets are repaired, graded, and sold based on condition.
  • We carry multiple sizes that include drum pallets, EURO pallets, top frames, as well as block style pallets.
  • Our Remanufactured pallets are built from scratch according to a predesigned pallet specification.


Simply fill out the Quote Request Form to receive a quote from us or call us directly at (404) 445-0702 to speak with a pallet professional.


Pallets for other Georgia Cities – We’ve Got You Covered!


In Georgia, we provide pallets for these cities (and others – just ask) in addition to Athens:


Fill out the form to request more information or to receive a price quote on our pallet services. Call us directly at (404) 445-0702 for Athens pallets.