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Protect Your Items and Supplies During Transport

The city of Augusta, Georgia has a rich history in manufacturing. According to the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce website, the city is home to the sixth largest county in Georgia for imports and exports through the Port of Savannah. If you’re a manufacturing company based in Augusta, you’re likely busy stacking, racking, storing, and shipping valuable items every day. If a single item happens to break during the transport process, this can cause massive delays and result in unhappy consumers.

If you’re shipping large, fragile supplies to new destinations or need to stock and protect valuable items, the best tool that helps to ensure that all items are protected is wooden pallets. Wooden pallets were invented in the early 20th century after the forklift truck was born. The forklift can lift wooden pallets with secured valuables to transfer them from one area to another in a safe manner. However, having durable and reliable wooden pallets is necessary for guaranteeing safe transport. If you’re a company in Augusta, Georgia in search of wooden pallets to facilitate this process, you’re in the right space.

Piles of Recycled Pallets in Augusta Georgia

What Are My Wooden Pallet Options?

Since their inception, many types of pallets have been used. Today, pallets are made in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. However, wooden pallets have proven to be the most stable throughout the shipping and transporting process. In addition, they are highly recommended because they’re more durable and eco-friendly compared to their plastic counterparts. Wooden pallets can be purchased brand new, remanufactured, recycled, or reused.

Wooden pallets can benefit many industries, including manufacturing companies, hydraulic companies, wineries, retail stores, automobile companies, moving companies, and food distribution. These pallets are made from a wide range of softwood (pine, fir, and spruce) and hardwood (maple, oak, and ash) lumber types. Hardwood lumber is in demand and the pallet industry competes with the railroad crosstie and energy industries for new lumber. If you’re in an industry that must purchase recycled, reused, or brand-new wooden pallets to stack, secure, or transport items, you can access them through a dependable wooden pallet supplier that services Augusta.

Augusta Businessman's Stack of Wooden Pallets

Premier Pallets Provides Durable Wood Pallets to Manufacturers in Augusta, Georgia

In search of a reliable wood pallet supplier? Premier Pallets provides new, recycled, and remanufactured wood pallets to consumers throughout Augusta, Georgia, and the rest of the continental United States.

With over 55 combined years of experience in the pallet industry, owners Scott and Michele Shaw have an understanding of their customer’s individual needs. In addition, we also provide heat-treating services to make all recycled or reused pallets more compliant with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM-15) ISPM-15. ISMP-15 stipulates the treatments and protocols necessary to reduce the risk of invasive quarantine pests.

Founded in 1993, Premier Pallets has main office locations in Atlanta and Tampa and takes pride in serving our main customer bases. These customers include freight carriers, citrus processors, packing houses, warehousing operations, industrial manufacturers, food service manufacturers, and many more.

Miniature of Pallets and Boxes in Augusta Georgia

Keep Valuable Items & Goods Secured

If you’re looking to purchase durable wood pallets to stack, rack, and secure your valuable items, have further questions regarding our lumber types, our team is here to assist.

If you contact us for pallet production or purchases, we ensure that pallets are delivered immediately. From there, your business should run more smoothly with reliable wood pallets to help stack, protect, and secure your items to guarantee successful transport.

If you’re a manufacturing company in Augusta, Georgia, or work in other industries that require wood pallets, contact our team at Premier Pallets to request a quote at (800) 570-9727.


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