1. What areas do you currently service?

We have service capabilities throughout the continental United States.


2. What’s a remanufactured pallet?

A remanufactured pallet is a pallet built with reclaimed lumber. A remanufactured pallet generally will be more economical than a new pallet and can be a good alternative to a new pallet. Also, remanufactured pallets help to reduce wood waste, which furthers recycling efforts and is good for the environment.


3. What’s a GMA pallet?

GMA is an acronym for Grocery Manufacturers of America. GMA pallets are the most common type of recycled pallets and are often called grocery pallets and measure 48″ long by 40″ wide with notched stringers to allow side as well as front entry. There is no industry standard for a GMA pallet specification. Our approach to this problem has been to produce a pallet that will meet the minimum requirements of the downstream customer at the least possible cost.


4. What kind of lumber are pallets made from?

We classify our new pallet types into two categories: those made with pine (softwood) lumber or those made with hardwood lumber such as oak, ash, maple and hickory to name a few. Many factors can determine which type of wood is best for an application. Call us for more information.


5. Our current recycled pallet vendor runs out of pallets at certain times of the year. Do you guarantee availability?

Yes, provided we have a purchase order or other type of firm commitment we will guarantee the availability of your pallets.


6. We buy a specialty size new pallet and our production requirements are such that we give very little lead time on pallet orders. Will you keep new specialty size pallets in stock for us to guarantee quick deliveries?

Yes, depending on order volume.


7. We currently work with a new pallet supplier and a recycler who provide new pallets and pallet repair services, respectively. Can you provide a comprehensive program to manage our pallets?

Yes. We can provide new pallets and pallet repair services. Additionally, if your customers return pallets to you or you retrieve your own pallets we can coordinate the entire pallet logistics chain to minimize both pallet handling costs and defective pallets in your production and shipping processes.


8. We ship products to locations outside the US and have been told there are special requirements regarding wood packaging materials. Will this affect me?

There have been major changes in the last several years with respect to exporting wood packaging materials around the world, which includes pallets. We offer heat treated pallets marked specifically for export.


9. Can we track our orders and see past purchase information via the Internet?

Yes. Through our Client Log-in link on our home page our customers can securely access all open orders as well as track previous purchases, including quantity, invoice number, date of delivery, purchase order number, invoice amount and delivery location.


10. I want to purchase (your particular pallet goes here) pallets for the cheapest price possible. Should I fill out your quote form?

No. If an end user’s sole criterion for selecting a pallet supplier is price, we will generally not be the cheapest supplier. However, if price is just one factor among other important considerations, we are ready to help you with your pallet needs. Other considerations include on-time deliveries, pallet quality, accurate scrap pallet counting and reporting, payment terms, timeliness of problem resolution, etc. Although we may not have the lowest price, after consideration of all the costs associated with your pallet and materials handling processes, we are usually the lowest cost total solution.