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For a state that relished its reputation as tourist destination and vacation mecca with white, sandy beaches and a whopping 8,436 miles of coastline, Florida surprisingly has a lively manufacturing industry.  From its logistics hubs of Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami, manufacturers and distributors have set up camp to provide goods for the state’s burgeoning population of 21.2 million (and counting) residents.



Premier Pallets can supply Florida companies with wood pallets in virtually any size or type.  From new pallets made completely from virgin lumber to recycled (used) pallets Premier has you covered.  Our new pallets can be constructed from hardwood lumber consisting of various species of eastern US hardwoods such as oak, ash and maple.  Another popular new pallet we offer is built from southern yellow pine, a ubiquitous wood in Florida and well-suited for some new pallet uses.


Our used pallets, primarily in the 48 x 40 size, are bought, sold and repaired in one of 4 grades: premium A, standard A, B+ and B grade. Premium A grades are best for pallet users with finicky palletizers or other automated machinery that requires our highest grade of used pallet.  B grades have been repaired more times than A grade pallets and are our least expensive used pallet option.  For more information of our used pallets please visit our Recycled Wood Pallets page.


A third pallet option are our remanufactured (or combo) pallets, which are made from reclaimed lumber and can be built to any size or specification.  Cheaper than a new pallet, these can be a great alternative to a new pallet.  All three pallet types, remanufactured, used and new can be treated for export use.  We offer heat treatment for any of our pallets so that they meet the ISPM-15 wood packaging requirements for export outside of the US.



Premier furnishes pallet design services using the Pallet Design System.  That specialized software allows us to design a pallet to meet your needs at a price that’s right.  What’s more, pallet pricing is important but not if your pallet supplier lacks the resources to ensure a reliable number of pallets for your operation. At premier we take pride in our ability to make sure our customers NEVER run out of pallets.  We take the burden of worrying about pallets off your plate.


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