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Georgia, the last of the original 13 colonies, is home to Atlanta, arguably the South’s largest logistics hub.  Georgia’s business-friendly climate garnered it the label of number one place to do business for five years in the mid-2000’s.  It is also the headquarters for companies such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Delta Airlines.



Premier supplies used, remanufactured and new wood pallets to manufacturers, distributors and 3PL organizations throughout the state of Georgia.  With a primary new pallet mill in the state, Premier provides new hardwood pallets made from mixed eastern US species such as maple, hickory, ash and oak.  Ubiquitous in the south, we also outfit our new pallet customers with southern yellow pine pallets when called for.  Premier can build either type, hardwood or softwood, in any size.


We also have a large inventory of recycled, or used, pallets primarily in the 48 x 40 size.  Often called GMA or grocery pallets, these come in four different grades: premium A, standard A, B+ and B grade.  Our used pallets are repaired and sorted based on the specifications for each of the above grades and more information can be found here regarding our used pallet inventory, Recycled Wood Pallets.


Our remanufactured wood pallets are custom built from recovered pallet parts or in some cases a combination of reclaimed lumber and new lumber.  These pallets have become popular items due to their cost savings over purchasing a pallet made completely from virgin new lumber.


We also supply pallets that are heat treated, which makes them suitable for export use.  Our certified, stamped wood pallets comply with ISPM-15 requirements for wood packaging, an international agreement among nations intended to limit the spread of invasive wood pests that make entry via imported products shipped on or in wood packaging.


While the global pandemic caused some severe supply chain shortages and disruptions, Premier maintained adequate pallet inventories so that our customers never had to worry about plant shut downs.  A high priority for Premier is ensuring adequate pallet stock is on hand for all customers so that facility down time is never a concern.


Finally, we utilize the Pallet Design System to help engineer pallets that are cost-effective and meet unit load requirements.  From analyzing nail fasteners to optimizing the decking footprint we can design a pallet that will hold up without breaking the budget.



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