Sarasota Pallet Supplier


Premier has the capacity to supply all types of recycled, or used, pallets to the Sarasota area.  Primarily 48 x 40 4 way pallets, Premier’s used inventory includes other sizes though too including 36 x 36 and 48 x 48 size pallets.  The 48 x 40 4 ways are sold based on a grading system with premium A grade being the best down to B grade pallets.



For those customers that require new pallets, Premier can furnish new hardwood or softwood pallets.  Our hardwood pallets are built from various eastern US hardwoods such as ash, maple and hickory.  Softwood pallets are manufactured using southern yellow pine, a common lumber throughout the southern US.  Our pine pallets are usually built from kiln-dried lumber, thus ensuring low moisture content in the wood.


A third pallet option are our remanufactured or combo pallets which are made up of pallets built completely with recycled (reclaimed) lumber or a blend of recycled and new lumber (combo pallet).  These types of pallets offer a cost savings over a pallet comprised entirely of virgin lumber.


All of our pallet types can be heat treated and stamped to indicate they have undergone that procedure.  Heat treated pallets can be sued for export in accordance with ISPM-15 requirements for wood packaging.  These pallets must be appropriately stamped, letting the port of entry know that the pallets contain no foreign pests that would introduce an invasive species into the destination country.


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Recycled & Remanufactured Pallets

  • Our Recycled pallets are repaired, graded, and sold based on condition.
  • We carry multiple sizes that include drum pallets, EURO pallets, top frames, as well as block style pallets.
  • Our Remanufactured pallets are built from scratch according to a predesigned pallet specification.

Pallets for other Florida Cities – We’ve Got You Covered!


In Florida, we provide pallets for these cities (and others – just ask) in addition to Sarasota:


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